La digitalisation sociale, c’est le moment

Lors de la soirée de lancement du livre « Media Sociaux et B2B, un mariage d’amour ? » organisée dans les locaux de BeAngels, Frédéric Canevet a interviewé votre serviteur pour évoquer la digitalisation sociale. Au programme : révolution schumpeterienne, modèle économique itératif, horizontalisation des relations, rematérialisation du digital, produit augmenté, … D’autres ITWs (Daniel Bô et…

The tyranny of digital advertising

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  One of the points that Russell makes in his post is that, in their case, the product is the service is the marketing: the product (a government service) is the service (the delivery and usage of that service) is the marketing (the clear communication to the target audience of the benefits of that service). The tying together of those…

A year without internet : I was wrong (Paul Miller)

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[Interesting experience by Paul Miller showing that "no web is not the solution".] I was wrong. One year ago I left the internet. I thought it was making me unproductive. I thought it lacked meaning. I thought it was « corrupting my soul. » It’s a been a year now since I « surfed the web » or « checked…

The future of display advertising is native

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What is native advertising? It is relevant, paid-for content that appears within the editorial stream of a publisher’s site or on a social network. Current examples include: promoted tweets on Twitter; promoted ads on search engines; sponsored stories on Facebook; Tumblr Spotlight; promoted videos on YouTube; and paid-for editorial content. Native advertising is where publishing,…


Reinvent the future

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  In the 80′s (« Back to the Future »), we were thinking about 2013. And now, we have to think about 2050. Let’s reinvent the future. Utopia and collaborative intelligence are needed ! #WorkersDay ;o) Visit the Trade School Paris